• Evaluating 2018 RFC Data – Notes + Suggestions
    We have got some requests to provide some additional guidance for analyzing the 2018 results.  This post hopefully addresses those questions, though you should definitely read […]
  • Ramping up for 2019 RFC Food/Soil survey
    Spring means… Ice Cream! But also… we start the Food/Soil Survey! We spent the winter making things more accurate, faster, and cheaper, so we could do […]
  • First RFC Lab Residence – Machine Learning on soil chromatographies
    We are very happy to announce that the First Residency is happening on mid July. Leandro Mastrantonio from  Cuyo National University from Argentina is going to […]
  • RFC 2018 Final Report Released!
    We’re a few months overdue, but it’s finally in releasable form! The 2018 RFC Survey Final Report (click here for link)! It’s long but worth a […]
  • Lessons learned: first 20 Bionutrient Meters
    A few weeks ago we shipped the first 20 Bionutrient Meters with the hope of sussing out any problems before shipping out the remaining 100.  Sure […]
  • How to make a Bionutrient Meter: a step by step guide!
    We are currently building Bionutrient Meters for those who ordered them, and well… we’re late.  We’re sorry, but we are making good progress.  I wanted to […]
  • RFC Lab in-season report: August 2018
    for Jan 2018 – Aug 2018 Background The Real Food Campaign (RFC) emerged in 2018 from a partnership between the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA), Next7, and […]
  • Hiring lab manager (maybe you?!)
    The RFC Lab is hiring!  We’re looking for an experienced lab manager to run samples, improve our process and develop new methods and interface with the […]
  • RFC Lab: A day in the life
    Samples come into the lab from all over the North East and Midwest US.  Carrots, spinach, and soil… So what happens once they arrive?  Let’s go […]
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