Not currently accepting samples - expect updates in mid-summer 2018

Most of the samples processed by the RFC Lab are part of the RFC Lab Survey.  However, we also accept samples for anyone for a fee.  When you order, we will ship you containers to collect the samples in, along with a paper survey to complete.  We charge for shipping and the container only at this point.  The paper survey is important because the information helps us identify connections between soils and food across farms, but also because if you want information to be anonymized, you must specify it there.

Samples will be tested only if they are in the sample containers provided and the surveys are completed.

When we receive the samples and confirm they are in good condition, we will process them within a day of arrival.  Once complete, the remainder of your order is charged, and a link to the results is emailed to you.  Your results will continue to be visible online, and anonymized information will be visible only to you and no one else.  If you have questions about our privacy and data policies, you can read about them here.

Large Sample volumes

If you are ordering large sample volumes (more than 5 samples per month), please contact us. We may be able to save money on shipping.

Data privacy

The results from all samples submitted to the RFC lab will be made public, with sensitive information anonomyzed. To learn more, see our data privacy policy.

Purchase Test

Purchase a test through the website (see list below). Please review our testing procedures or contact us if you have questions.

We send sample box

We ship you a self-addressed return box which includes sampling containers and directions for sampling. You MUST use this box and containers AND fill out the survey provided to receive results.

You collect samples, send them to us

Once you receive the box, you collect your samples, fill out the survey in the box, and ship the samples back to us using the return label we provide.

You get results

We receive the samples, process them (usually within 1 day), and email you the results.
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