Tackling the big picture

Most researchers focus on individual nutrients in controlled trials. We are taking a different approach by using inexpensive methods to measure classes of important compounds (like antioxidants and minerals) in the actual food supply over time.

By focusing on the sweet spot between data quantity, quality, cost, and utility we can identify trends connecting soil and food quality that are not possible in controlled trials.

Contribute to science,
learn about your farm

Submit your produce and the soil it was grown in!

Our suite of tests will help you understand the physical and biological properties of your samples all while contributing to open science and building public knowledge. The testing procedure was chosen with input with experts in the field and are continually updated based on feedback and science advancements. There are lots of ways to participate both as an individual and as an organization.


Access the data and collaborate with us!

If you are interested in working with us on a specific research project with existing data or by collecting additional data, let’s talk! We’re can adjust methods, add new ones, and identify partners to serve large sample loads. All data is publicly accessible and anonomyzed, to protect privacy while benefiting society.

If you are a soil, food, or human health expert, go join one of our working groups and help refine and improve our lab procedures.

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